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Google Drive is now up for grabs in WhatsApp for Android. Keep on reading to find out more about the prerequisites you need in order to use Google Drive and how you can save and reinstate your backups from WhatsApp using Google Drive.

Google Drive in WhatsApp for Android

Keep in mind that if the below mentioned prerequisites are not met, you will not be able to use Google Drive backups. Firstly, users need to have a Google account which is up and running on the mobile phone.

WhatsApp, WhatsApp Google Drive

The next step is to ensure you have Google Play Services set-up as well. Verify to see if there is plenty of free space on Google Drive. You will need it for the WhatsApp archives and multimedia files. And finally, make sure that your phone has enough free space, so that the backup procedure can unfold successfully.

If you want to create a Google Drive backup, follow this plan of action:

  • Start by opening WhatsApp.
  • Menu Button, SettingsChats and callsand then Chat backup should be your pathway.
  • When you see Back up to Google Drive,click on it. You will have to select a backup recurrence.
  • Next, you will have to choose a Google account. The latter will save all of your chat archives/history. If you do not have such an account, click Add account. Note: don’t forget the account you are using for this procedure.
  • Next you have to click Back up over. This means you have to pick a network you want to use for the backup process. Important: if you choose the backup to be done via cellular, you might be faced with increased data costs.

How to reinstate your info from a Google Drive backup

Remember: In order for this recovery mission of yours to be a hit, make sure you have the same mobile phone number and of course the same Google account you used to set-up the backup. If you respect these requirements, you can continue with the following indications:

  • Add the same Google account (used for the backup process) to your mobile phone.
  • Enable and disable WhatsApp.
  • Once the mobile number has been checked, you will have to reinstate all of your messages & multimedia files from Google Drive.
  • After this process is over, click the Next button and you should see all of your chats laid out.
  • Once the chats are fully visible, WhatsApp will then reinstate all of your multimedia files.

How-to erase backup files from a Google account

Check out these basic steps that will guarantee the successfully deletion of the backup files from your Google account:

  • Head on to Google Drive and of course log in to the Google account you have.
  • Hit the Gearsymbol (see the top right), then continue to Settings and Manage Apps.
  • Look for WhatsApp in this list. Give it some time, if you don’t see WhatsApp in the first couple of seconds, keep on looking. It ought to be there.
  • Once you spot WhatsApp, Hidden app data should appear. Again, patience is a virtue.
  • Continue by clicking on Optionsand finally Delete hidden app data.

WhatsApp, WhatsApp Google Drive, WhatsApp Disable

If by any chance you experience difficulties setting up a Google Drive backup or if you cannot recover your data from a Google Drive backup, here is our advice to you:

  • It is important that you have a Google account appended to your mobile device.
  • Space is an important issue, so check again, especially on your phone when you want the data to be restored.
  • Make sure that Google Play Services exists on your device as well. The latter is accessible on Android 2.3.4 +.
  • If you’re experiencing this backup procedure on your mobile phone data network, make sure it’s enough.
  • Always try a different network, we recommend a sturdy Wi-Fi one.
  • Always have your device 100% charged.

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