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If your smartphone is running the Windows Phone operating system and you’re a fan of WhatsApp (as most of us are), then you will be pleased to find out that the company is bringing the update to this OS. This version of WhatsApp promises to bring on many features for the Windows Phone users, such as marking your messages as read/unread. This feature was available on other operating systems, but it took a little more time for them to bring it to Windows as well.

The Facebook owned app brings other features to Windows Phone as well: some new emojis are brought to the table with the very interesting option of changing the skin color of the emoji by just taping it once. This was however already available to iOS.

WhatsApp Voice Update

If you wish to delete or forward multiple messages at once, you can do so now, as WhatsApp is allowing it for the benefit of users.

The app is trying to make the WhatsApp call as close to a normal call as possible, so they are giving us the option to select a ringtone for whenever we are called through their app.

If you are sent a contact card from someone, now it’s easier than ever to just contact that person directly through WhatsApp.

The app also brings out the option of choosing between sound or vibrate mode, feature that makes us excited that we won’t hear the slightly annoying WhatsApp notifications every single time someone in our 10 persons group types something.

If you have the Windows Phone operating system on your smartphone, you must know that the app tends to drain the battery of the phone. The company tried to improve on that and they made a few updates in this department.

WhatsApp 2.12.226, Windows Phone, WhatsApp Windows Phone

However, there is no word of this new update making any progress with battery-saving, but we’re sure that some improvements are on their way.

You can get the version of WhatsApp on Windows Phone Store. If by any means you cannot find it there, you will surely find it on the web.

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