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The Minecraft snapshot 15w34b has been released and it comes with a few changes to the melee combat mechanics.

We remind you that these changes are not final, as the developers will also need to balance the game a little bit before they’ll release it to all users.


Mojang has asked the Minecraft players to give a feedback about the new snapshot. By giving feedbacks about snapshots, you will help the developers to bring a flawless Minecraft game. So, we suggest all the players that test out the Minecraft 15w34b to come with some feedback.

Minecraft: 15w34b snapshot changes

  • A new “attack strength” combat mechanic has been added
  • The maps now start at a more useful zoom level
  • A new recipe for zooming in a map has been added
  • A lot of optimizations have been made
  • Command blocks have been improved
  • A name issue with Dragon Fireball has been fixed
  • The crash that was causing breaking heads has now been fixed
  • And more.

In order to get the new Minecraft 15w34b snapshot, open the game’s Launcher and tap on the “New Profile” button. After that, you can call it “snapshots” or whatever name you have in mind (as long as you will remember that is the profile for snapshots).

Finally, check the box which says “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save it. To switch back to the normal version, you will just have to select the old profile.

minecraft-pe-skin (1)

HINT: Before running a snapshot version of Minecraft, we suggest you to back up your world or run the game in a different folder (you can select it from the “New Profile” dialog). If you don’t do this, then there are high chances that your world will get corrupted and you will need to start-over.

Have you tested the new Minecraft snapshot 15w34b? Tell us your thoughts about it!