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Microsoft’s reputation precedes it, mostly because the company is constantly struggling to offer its devotees cutting-edge devices. Microsoft made headlines due to its Windows 10 OS release that happened 14 days ago. Things will never be the same again for the mobile industry as well as for the OS one.

Windows 10 has will definitely gain a spot in your heart because it is an operating system that will offer you the same overall experience on every single platform out there. They both along with the Surface Pro 4 tablet could be announced at a grand event in October.

Microsoft Lumia 950

According to hearsays, the two Lumia devices that are currently dubbed Talkman (Lumina 950) and Cityman (Lumia 950 XL) will be Microsoft’s crown jewel devices. Microsoft has kept a pretty tight lip concerning these two devices and no one knows anything.

Check out these new specs that are rumored to be the next big thing for the two upcoming Lumia devices:

Microsoft Lumia 950 (Talkman) is presumed to sport a matte while look and a black polycarbonate chassis. The Lumia 950 has a 5.2-inch WQHD (1440×2560) OLED display and under the hood it houses a Snapdragon 808 and a 64-bit Hexa core. The internal storage consists in a 32 GB variant and you will also have 3GB of RAM.

The 20 MP PureView back end camera will come in handy for all you photo aficionados out there while the 5 MP front camera unit will be a useful one when you want to take a selfie. The battery is a 3000 mAh detachable one and the best thing about this device is that you will have Qi wireless charging and USB Type-C.

Moving on to several fine points regarding Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (Cityman):

Lumia 950 XL ,Lumia 1520

This device will roll out with the same chassis as the Talkman device will, however the same OLED display will be a 5.7-inch WQHD instead (1440×2560). The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 810 and it will also contain the 3GB of RAM and the identical 32 GB internal storage option.

Eventhough it comes packed with the same 20MP PureView camera, the bonus here is the triple LED flash. The knobs on the Lumia 950 XL will be aluminum ones and as for the battery, it is a 3300 mAh removable one. Needless to say that users will also have the Qi wireless charging and the USB Type-C with the Lumia 9510 XL.

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