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LINE is the king of instant messaging and voice calling in Asia.

This app has more than 600 million monthly active users as of now. However, a large part of this user base is based in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

In case you haven’t noticed, LINE has rolled out a new web version for all users of the app. This means that it will now be possible to use this app from a web browser, just like with the case of WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype and Facebook Messenger. This seems to be the latest trend as most brands look towards making their services standalone and independent of each other.

WhatsApp vs. Line

LINE for The web available through a Chrome extension

To use LINE on your web browser, you need to download and install a Google Chrome extension that will let you log into this application via your PC. In this way, you will no longer depend on the mobile app for the whole process of messaging your friends.

Even though this application is very common and has a very large user base across the entirety of Japan and Asia as a whole, it had yet to be featured on PCs. As opposed to what other apps come in with – native clients – LINE developers have adopted the latest trend of rolling out web-based versions and for sure, this makes it extremely easy to access this application from any device.

LINE messages are synced across all devices

The good thing with the latest update is that it allows users to access all of their messages from any device, be it a PC or phone. Since the application must, first of all, be installed on your phone, you will still get messages on your phone even if they are available on your PC’s browser.

This is made by syncing of contacts and messages that you send through the service. In addition to accessing messages on both PC and mobile phone, full support for stickers is still available on the web platform. If you don’t have time to draft a message, you can still attach photos of you so that your friends can still feed their eyes on them.


How the LINE Chrome extension works

The Chrome extension that enables usage of LINE on PCs appears as a floating window. The good thing is that unlike WhatsApp, it does not mandate that the parent app be running on your phone. Furthermore, this ability means that users can still access LINE services via any PC as long as it is installed with Chrome web browser.

What’s new?

Even though the whole idea of having a web version of LINE messenger is new, there is still something new to enjoy in this application; something that hasn’t been there before. Users can now make use of a tiny memos feature to leave themselves notes as well as images.

With this new addition to LINE, the app now becomes a top provider of cross-platform communication services as users can send and receive messages from virtually any location and using any device.