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KakaoTalk is the most popular messaging app in South Korea. It offers an array of features that caters to the requirements of users.

Through this app, you can share photos, videos, content and other information. KakaoTalk has been launched in the year 2010 and gained around 50 million registered users by the end of 2012 and eventually 130 million users in 2013. Within this short span of time, this app has shown great progress, and all this has become possible due to its exclusive features.


This app is truly ubiquitous in South Korea, and it has been used by 93 percent of Smartphone users in the country. This huge popularity of this app is mainly because of its exclusive features that set it apart from other popular messaging apps. It has added a number of additional features which you will not get in any other apps. Kakao offers free voice and video calls to the users, a number of games in which you can compete with your friends and emojis or stickers through which you can express your words in an innovative way. It also offers a unique feature of buying gifts. Users of this app can follow popular brands to get information about exclusive offers and new collection.


Success report

The Kakaotalk Messenger app is available in fifteen different languages, and this is the reason that it has active users in more than 230 countries, reflecting the app’s global reach in such limited span of time. Daum Kakao, the founder of Kakaotalk is a technology giant in Korea who aims to make KakaoTalk an extraordinary app.

By its market dominance in South Korea along with 230 countries across the globe, this Korean messaging giant boasts the attachment of an extremely higher degree of users to this platform. According to the internet trend report of 2015, Kakaotalk becomes the most frequently visited messenger app that has left behind the success of WhatsApp and china’s popular messaging app WeChat.

KakaoTalk now focused on expanding its reach to The Southeast countries that include Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India. In the year 2013, KakaoTalk ran its first TV commercial in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam featuring a South Korean band boy. In May 2015, the CEO of social networking app announced that it would be taken over by Daum Kakao. While Kakao faces a struggling path in the United States, but its popularity in Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam is truly noticeable. According to a recent report, it has been observed that this instant messaging app has surpassed around 13 million users in Indonesia, making this country the largest number of Kakao users outside of South Korea.


The success of the KakaoTalk has proved that messaging apps also could make profit substantially through selling virtual goods and games. On the basis of the report of Forbes magazine, in 2014, KakaoTalk made around 130 million profits. Reading its success stories, WhatsApp also added many new features to it through which users can send text messages, videos, images, audio, and user location. WhatsApp stated that the inclusion of these features seemed profitable as a result of its annual subscription fees.

Therefore, kakao’s dominance in South Korea and its other neighboring countries indicate that it is giving tough competition to some popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Line. In fact, it will be difficult for them to establish their market share in that country or region. The leading Asian messaging app KakaoTalk has more users than WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps. The dominance of Kakao app in Southeast Asia provides a clue to how much of a threat Kakao is giving to WhatsApp.

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