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Earlier this week, Google surprised Android users by the news that the final name of Android M would be “Marshmallow.” However, the company doesn’t seem prepared to release the final, finished version of Android 6.0 yet because it only released the third and final developer preview version of Marshmallow which can be installed on any supported Nexus device.

Though, other users who want to experience parts of Android 6.0 have access to some of the options including the new Google Now launcher app, official wallpapers, and the new boot animation.

OnePlus One , OnePlus 2 , Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Now that users finally know that Android M will actually be known as “Android Marshmallow”, their attention can turn to what Google would possibly be including in the next launch of its mobile operating system. Anyhow, the future indeed looks bright for Android with the new features and a slightly twisted interface.

If you own a Nexus device, then you’ll probably already know that you can give a try for yourself to the latest preview version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But in case if you’re using any other Android device, then you’ll likely be delighted to know that you can still at least get a ‘taste’ of what’s in the store by installing the new Google Now launcher app, Marshmallow’s wallpapers or its boot animation.

The first of the three, the new Google Now launcher can be downloaded and installed just like any other launcher, as long as users allow apps to be installed from outside the Play Store. Suppose that users do allow this and are using Android version 4.1 or later, then they’re good to go. But if they don’t know how to enable the above mentioned option, then opening the downloaded Google Now launcher APK file will do the work. Users can download the APK file from the Reddit source link and manually install it on their device. When users will open the APK file, they will be prompted by their device to enable installation from “Unknown Sources” and take them to the menu they require.

But before you get over-excited about the Google Now launcher download, it is important to know that the developer preview version isn’t available with the amazing Google Now on Tap feature built into it. This feature would be available in the final release of Marshmallow later this year.

Sony Xperia Z5, Z4, Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The second is the installation of the official Marshmallow wallpapers. Using wallpapers from versions of Android not released yet, or from whole new phones, is not a new thing at all, therefore there’s nothing to be surprised in the fact that Marshmallow’s wallpapers are available for the public to download. There are in total nine wallpapers, so you must download and choose them intelligently.

Lastly, the installation of boot animation for any device – if you’re using CyanogenMod or any other firmware that can make use of the Cyanogen Theme Engine, then you can get access to the Android Marshmallow boot animation simply by installing an APK file, and then selecting it from “Settings” and then going to “Themes.” If you’re not using any such firmware, then you can use the ZIP or compressed file and flash it on your Android device through any customized recovery. You might not be able to see the boot animation frequently but that doesn’t mean that it’s uninteresting.