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We chose to select some of the largest broadcasting and cable companies from the world, which are offering phone service packages and have many similarities.

The U-verse brand from AT&T and the Xfinity Voice brand from Comcast have in common unlimited calling, but only in some areas, and they offer other features such as unlisted numbers and second lines. But, most likely, you want to know more about their prices.



  • Voice Plans

The U-verse service has a phone plan that costs $35 per month and which provides unlimited calls in North America and in some parts of the world, while the other plan is Voice 250, which charges you $25 a month, but in exchange, you will be given 250 minutes of international calls, except Canada. If you exceed these 250 minutes, you will be charged 5 cents/minute.

  • Optional Features

If you want a second line at your place, you will pay $15 a month. The primary phone number can be found in the AT&T directories, where it’s published for free, but to publish the number of a second phone line, you will be charged a fee of $1.50. If you don’t want your phone number to be listed in the AT&T directories, you will pay $2.25 per month, and to receive directory assistance, you will be charged $2 per month. The call tracing feature will charge you $8 per month.

Comcast vs AT&T 2


  • Voice Plans

The unlimited calling package from Comcast, which is known as the Xfinity Voice service, will charge you $29.95 per month in the 6 months, and during this time, you will call for free any local number and in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico (unlimited calling). After the period ends, the price will be increased up to $44.95 per month.

There is another phone service package, which is called Local With More, and it offer unlimited local calling for the price of $34.95 per month, while long distance calling in the country will charge you 5 cents per minutes.

  • Optional Features

You’ll pay $11.95 per month to get a second phone line, but it depends on the service area, because you can select only to receive calls, not to call other numbers. If you want both of these options, then you will pay $21.95 per month. You won’t be charged for listing your primary phone line, but to hide your number so that it won’t be published in a Comcast directory, you’ll have to pay $1.25 per month. As for the call tracing, you won’t need to pay anything.