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Adobe decided to release a new Flash Player version, this being the build. Apparently, this new update comes out with major security enhancements. The updates started to be exposed by Adobe in the exact same day as Microsoft unveiled its updates. This happened back in 2014 and ever since then, each Tuesday of every month, Adobe rolls out a new update.

One more than one occasion, Flash Player was considered a sitting duck and a very exposed app. But, currently Adobe has updated the company servers with Flash Player


So even if it’s a bit too soon to tell, we are betting that this update includes mostly security fixes. And of course it’s a more than welcomed update since most users worldwide are exposed day after day to harmful threats. We are talking here about viruses and malware that spread with the speed of light.

Flash Player is set-up on desktops and mobile devices worldwide. With this app, users get to enjoy deeply engaging video experiences not to mention top video quality courtesy of the compression idea behind this type of technology.

There are amazing filters which you can use to really mix-up the photo effects. You have the DropShadow filter, the Glow, the Gradient Glow and Gradient Bevel, Displacement Map, Color Matrix and a lot more to choose from. And you can also opt between the following image formats GIF, PNG or Progressive JPEG.

It’s not easy for Adobe to gather round its devotees because more and more of them are drafting away due to serious security breaches. And it’s no wonder it has come to this since every year means more threats.


GFI published a report in which Adobe Flash Player was considered the 4th most liable software of 2014. The first one being Internet Explorer, followed by Chrome and Mozilla.

Although 76 threats were discovered in Flash Player, Adobe immediately fixed them. This however, wasn’t enough and users are looking for substitutes.

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