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The latest OS from Microsoft, i.e. Windows 10 has received immense praise from several journalists and bloggers in the IT industry. The operating system has been welcomed with open arms by a number of consumers who are willing to remove Windows 8 from their systems and start afresh.

Although the Windows 10 OS has given a fresh start to Microsoft, it is not entirely good news. The reason that it’s not such good news is that there are some serious privacy issues which have been raised after the eye-opener that Windows 10 operating system could be spying on almost every action that you perform with it.


Without a doubt, Microsoft has well played with the privacy of its users through its Windows 10 OS. The new operating system has been, by default, configured to keep track of your usage and even keep an eye on your folders and files. Microsoft’s new privacy statement is indeed a scary one! It isn’t definitely a bad thing to update your privacy, but having all users selected by default is not a user-friendly privacy policy at all.

Since this has been such a widely publicized issue, there are now some tools available that can be used to help users take back their privacy in Windows 10. Given below are 6 different tools or apps that can stop Windows 10 from taking over your privacy:

  1. DoNotSpy 10

DoNotSpy 10 is a new free app designed by German developer pXc-coding. This app is one of the most comprehensive privacy options for your Windows 10. It creates a centralized interface where Windows 10 users can easily adjust the settings related to those features which have a direct effect on privacy. There’s a caution, though: The app is a freeware, but it installs Open Candy software on your system which show ads automatically in other applications.

  1. Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

Another free tool is the Windows 10 Privacy Fixer, which allow users to import their current privacy settings and then deactivate whichever features they want. The app comes with a compact interface to modify the important privacy settings on Windows 10. This is a useful app that allow users to disable four main services related to Microsoft telemetry and feedback, blocking the Telemetry hosts, making changes in the general privacy settings such as deactivating the unique advertising ID, and disabling app access to features such as location or calendar.


  1. W10 Privacy

W10 Privacy app covers as many privacy settings as possible, but it is currently available only in German language and that makes it pretty unusable for many Windows 10 users. On launching the app, the interface shows privacy settings and general tweaks, and the first tab “Datenschutz”, which is the German word for “privacy”, displays privacy-related tweaks, most of which are self-explanatory.

  1. Destroy Windows 10 Spying

Destroy Windows 10 Spying is a rather basic app that lets users enable a wide range of privacy settings in one simple interface only. The app focuses on a handful of privacy settings and tweaks. Users can use it to deactivate the spyware tasks in the “Task Scheduler”, turn on or turn off Windows Update, remove selected apps from the OS, or block Microsoft domains in the host files.

  1. Disable Windows 10 Tracking

This one is similar to Destroy Windows 10 Spying tool. Functionality wise, it is the smallest tool but size wise it is the largest. It displays four privacy options, all of which focuses on deactivating tracking.


  1. Windows 10 Privacy and Shit

This one is just a simple batch file that users need to download from Pastebin. This is how it works: create a new “.bat” file and paste its content to the newly created file. Afterwards upon running, the app will perform selected privacy tasks including uninstalling OneDrive, deactivating data logging services, and adding domains to the host files.