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WhatsApp Web isn’t a new feature for Android or Windows smartphones, so you have probably heard of it already. The extremely popular app offers the user the option of messaging their friends or coworkers via the computer. This feature comes in handy in a lot of situations, as having a low battery or needing your smartphone for another action.

If you are an iOS user yourself, you didn’t have access to this update from WhatsApp because, they say, it has been difficult to get past Apple’s limitations. But now, the Facebook owned app finally brings WhatsApp Web to iPhones.

WhatsApp 2.12.264 BETA, WhatsApp Windows Phone, Enhanced Notifications

The company hasn’t made a big fuss about the update, Reddit users being the first to notice that the website shows that WhatsApp Web is available for iOS users as well. It is quite curious how they haven’t made an update in the App Store for the new feature (considering that it would be easier to notice), but instead opted for a server change for each account.

One of the requirements of being able to open up WhatsApp on your computer is having the latest version of it on your smartphone – as we were already used from Android and Windows Phone users. If you have ever tried to use this feature, you know that WhatsApp must stay running on your phone if you want it to work on your computer.

In this case, we suggest you plug your phone into the charger, and go on with your business on the computer.

Other messaging services (like Line) have already been syncing iPhones with computers, so WhatsApp Web isn’t exactly a ground-breaking feature, but it is extremely welcome. The update will probably keep iOS users from choosing other apps to message their friends.

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In the end, this app is the most used messaging app, as they have reached 800 million users in April. It is extremely cheap and it allows the user to not only message in their country, but worldwide.

As with the service itself, the new update will be free for the first year of use, then you will have to pay only 99 cents for the entire year following.