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WhatsApp for iOS has recently been updated with 3 new features; all of which bring the Android experience to this platform.

It has been a common trend for WhatsApp for Android users to receive updates and new features first, before the same features are availed on other platforms such as iOS and Windows Phone. Three features have now been added to this platform, all of which have been in use on the Android devices for quite some time.

Change status of WhatsApp messages from read to unread

The ability to mark messages as unread was made available on WhatsApp for Android a few weeks ago.


It is only now that this feature is coming to the iOS platform, where users can easily change the status of their messages from read to unread. This only requires one to swipe to the right and that’s all.

Direct sharing of WhatsApp contacts

Location sharing is not a new feature for those using WhatsApp on Android devices. However, the iOS users have not had the privilege of using it on their devices, but they will now be able to share contacts directly with their WhatsApp friends. In addition, the users will also be able to share their location map where recipients of the messages can easily locate them using any mapping application.

WhatsApp for iOS allows backing up of video messages

Another great addition to the latest WhatsApp for iOS is the ability to include videos in conversation backups.

In usual circumstances, the users of this application only manage to create backups of photos and text messages. The new update also means that the users of this application will be able to crop images before sharing them with friends.

whatsapp-video (1)

Other features in latest WhatsApp for iOS

Other than rolling out the above three features with the latest version of WhatsApp, developers at Google have also made another improvement in how this app works. Through Google Plus, the users of WhatsApp will be able to access the app directly without the need of manually launching it.

The Google Now feature has been updated in a way that the users can make use of it to send a message using any of their favorite messengers. Just like you can ask Google to send an email via Gmail or send a message via Google Hangouts, you can now ask WhatsApp, Viber and other instant messaging apps to send a message to any person you want.