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If you have an Android smartphone or phablet, there is a new version for the very well known WhatsApp just for your operating system coming with a few new updates.

This version of WhatsApp is the 2.12.241 and it is only in beta form at the time. First analyzing the new update, we can see that the APK is only 3 KB larger. But the update does actually bring some new features to the app like bug fixes.

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Another option that WhatsApp has been working on is backing up all of your data into Google Drive. They are slowly making the feature available to all devices running the Android operating system, and there is definitely a new list of smartphones available for backup in this new update.

Google Drive is the new Apple Cloud for Android users and we very much recommend backing up your data, because it can be lost in various ways.

We already mentioned minor bug fixes coming with the 2.12.241 update, but they are also bringing connectivity improvements. If you’re a fan of the WhatsApp Messenger app, you will probably like the new design that comes with this new version.

The most exciting feature coming with this update, at least in our opinion, is the new Calling feature.

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You can now call your friends and family with just a wireless connection and no money involved. The great thing about this is that you can call people in other countries as well. We don’t recommend calling from a data connection, because there may be some extra charges in this situation.

Now, you’re probably wondering where you can get this new version of WhatsApp. The update is not available to download on the Google Play Store yet, as it only is a beta version, but you will find it anywhere across the web.

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