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If you have been operating a device such as Smartphone, laptop or computer, which you use to access the internet yet it does not have any adequate protection, installing an effective and reliable antivirus should not be an option.

However, before installing any antivirus, you should uninstall any that was in the device previously. Remember that a single device cannot function with two or more antivirus programs at the same time.

Norton and McAfee are two antivirus programs for which you must subscribe. On the other hand, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, and AVG represent just but three of the free antivirus programs that you can use effectively to keep your device clean and well protected against malware threats and viruses.

Top Antivirus Windows 10

Depending on the exact type of antivirus program that you desire to install, to check if the device meets the minimum requirements is vital.

Some of the minimum requirements that your computer must satisfy, especially if you prefer a Windows-based device, include the following:

  • processor better than Pentium 300Mhz
  • 1GB RAM, or 128MB and 512MB without or with TruPrevent Technologies respectively
  • hard disk with free space of 275MB or more
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 OS
  • USB or CD-ROM drive
  • Browser

Before checking whether your device has the requirements mentioned above, the first step you must take is to identify the best antivirus. The choice of antivirus depends on what is best for your system. The choice of antivirus also depends on the features that you desire to get from such a program. The ease of use where the antivirus program is concerned is also worth using as a determining factor.

Never install or choose an antivirus that lacks the necessary reputation, qualifications, and certifications. The three major authorities where antivirus certification is concerned include VB100%, ICSALabs, and Checkmark. Do not forget to reboot your machine after uninstalling the previous antivirus. Afterward, remember to reboot the machine after installing your preferred antivirus program.

The effectiveness of any antivirus program depends on the signature. However, the manner in which you use the computer or device will determine the kind of antivirus software to select, download and install. A gamer would need different antivirus software from a person with a penchant for surfing the web heavily. If you own an older computer, the choice of antivirus software would be different from a person with a new device.


Checking the test scores of your preferred antivirus program would help you understand whether it has the capability to make detection and perform other related tasks or not. Limit the test scores to detection as well as proactive protection measures that the antivirus is capable of taking upon noticing that the computer or device is at risk of an attack from malware and viruses. After narrowing the choices down to 2-3, proceed to test and evaluate each one.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the best protection against malware and viruses, do not hesitate to follow this guideline and prepare the device for installation of the appropriate antivirus program. Check that the device or machine meets the basic requirements depending on the type of antivirus that you wish to install. The work for which you use the machine should also help you to decide on the best antivirus.