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Great news for iOS users: WhatsApp Web Client for iPhone is now finally officially available! WhatsApp Web Client for iPhone had remained one of the most requested and most awaited features since late January, when it was first launched only to Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry users.

The service remained exclusive to almost every smartphone platform except for Apple, because according to WhatsApp, Apple had certain platform limitations. But thankfully, iOS users will now be able to use WhatsApp right from their desktop.


It was reported by Twitter users that they saw the new feature in the “Settings” area of the WhatsApp iPhone app. However, not every iOS user has access to the feature yet – since many new options and features are coming up in WhatsApp, the web client of the app is being modified in stages.

No one knows how long it will take for the web client to arrive for all iPhone users, but since WhatsApp is officially listing iPhone support on the page of its web client, it can be assumed that it will be made available for all soon.

Moreover, it’s important to note here that the web client of WhatsApp isn’t a standalone app only, which means that it can only work together with the mobile manifestation. Users have to visit to scan a barcode, after which the browser will immediately “reflect” conversations or messages from your mobile device. The conversations/messages remain on the phone always, and in case the phone’s connection drops, the client stops working.

The journey to WhatsApp Web was indeed a long one, especially for people who were following the news of its release since as long as last year. Initially, WhatsApp web client was released for Android, Blackberry and Blackberry 10, Windows Phone and Nokia S60 and S40. It was obvious that the iPhone had easily missed out one of the hottest service rollouts of the year, and that was of course followed by an explanation from the team of WhatsApp too.

Until now, iOS users had to depend on a jailbreak setting to get force support for the WhatsApp web client on their iPhones. But with the current official support being released, iOS users will no longer require any jailbreak to use WhatsApp on their desktop browsers.

To get access to WhatsApp web client on your iPhone, simple go to “Settings” in your WhatsApp application on your iPhone and tap the “WhatsApp Web” option. This feature is still rolling out to iOS users around the world, so if you don’t see this option in your iPhone, then you don’t have to worry because you’ll soon get the update.


In case if you do see the feature enabled on your iPhone, tap the “WhatsApp Web” option and you’ll get an option before you saying “Scan QR Code.” Selecting this option will launch a QR code scanner. Next, go to through your desktop browser and then scan the visible QR code through your phone. You will now be able to see WhatsApp on your desktop.

Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your iPhone. For updating WhatsApp, simply open the App Store, go to “Updates” section and see if there are any updates available for WhatsApp for your iOS.