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Whenever there is a need for downloading and installing WhatsApp on iPad, jailbreaking has to appear in such a discussion.

This is because of the difficulty that previously existed with such tasks. It is worth mentioning that no official version of WhatsApp for iPad currently exists. This does not make its download and installation an impossible undertaking.

The iPhone has several very popular apps, and the WhatsApp Messenger is just but one of them, hence the increasing demand for downloading and installing it.

iPad WhatsApp

The popularity of WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone is because of the following:

  1. simplifies sending messages to friends and groups
  2. simplifies sending messages through 3G or Wi-Fi
  3. reduces money spent on phone bills

However, the fact that the app has only been available for iPhone and not iPad has not gone down well with most users. The only option for iPad users who want to use it is to download and install it on their devices. Installing this specific app on iPad is not as simple as it is the case with the normal installations. The good news is that you can do the installation without the need for jailbreaking. The installation is also possible without having to spend money. What you need is an iPhone for registering the app.

First, use your Mac or PC for downloading WhatsApp IPA file by accessing the iTunes store. Next, searching for WhatsApp Messenger before selecting WhatsApp Messenger on the list of apps on iPhone is highly recommended. You will have to enter your password before completing the process of downloading the app for iPhone on the local computer. Remember that downloading the version of this app for your iPhone does not cost a single cent. Therefore, do not be afraid to embark on it.

If you used a Mac to download the version of the app for iPhone, you should now proceed to Finder-Music Folder-iTunes-Mobile Applications. This is where you will find the WhatsApp IPA file. The name of the file depends on the version of the app that you downloaded as well as the iOS version installed on your machine. You will also need a program such as iFunBox with which to manage the iPad files through your computer. The good news with iFunBox is that it works just as effectively on both Mac and PC.

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It is important that you now proceed with the following actions to complete the process:

  • using USB cable to connect the iPad to the PC or Mac
  • open iFunBox, or other similar programs, and allowing it to detect the iPad before clicking Install App
  • Using an iPhone for the installation of WhatsApp and registration of a fresh WhatsApp account
  • connecting the iPhone with the USB cable and giving iFunBox adequate time for detecting the iPhone
  • accessing the iPhone directory before copying the folders labeled Documents and Library and pasting these two to the desktop
  • connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable before replacing the folders marked Documents and Library with the two you copied from iPhone
  • Connect the iPad to the Internet before tapping the WhatsApp Messenger icon on the home screen

You are now ready to use WhatsApp Messenger on iPad. Follow the steps above and you will have downloaded as well as installed this app on your iPad without jailbreaking or spending money.

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