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Growing up, we have all had our heroes in the cartoon world.

There are times when some people wished to be batman, superman, cat woman, and even today Flash, etc. All of these seemed impossible till games like Temple Run was introduced by Imangi Studious. In the year 2012, Imangi Studious surprised the world with Temple Run.

This game caught on, and the whole world loved the fact that, they had to play a game where they run and complete amazing series of tasks. So, it just made sense that the guys from the company will bring out a sequel and yes, they did.


Temple Run 2 is Here

Today, the world has seen a huge explosion with Temple Run 2. Since the launch of Temple Run 2, the game has seen huge success with more than 15 million downloads all over the world. On the opening day of the game, it saw more than 6 million downloads. Yes, this showed the world Imangi Studious is truly here to stay.

So, What Makes Temple Run 2 Unique?

There is so much that was added and has been included to Temple Run 2 to make it stand out for all users. Some of these include the train cars, hills, ropes, stairs and curves. The good thing about the sequel is that, although there have been quite some additions to the game; the gameplay was not changed completely by developers. This is what has given players the feel of playing the same Temple Run they have always known, but only a more advanced version.


With its record-breaking 6 million downloads within 24 hours on the day it was launched, there is no way this game can be sidelined in world gaming history as one of the best. Some critics felt the game will die off soon after some few weeks and downloads slide down. Well, the truth is that it doesn’t look that way at all.

New Power-Ups in Temple Run 2

The new power-ups feature in Temple Run 2 makes it extremely attractive. Although the first game was amazing, the progression from one level to the other was messed up.

However, it is not the same with the sequel. In Temple Run 2, you know what you need to do to move to the next level, and this makes it easier for you to want to go on playing the game.

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