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On August 21st, Samsung will release two new flagship devices: the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The latest is the phablet form of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which itself is a model of the Galaxy S6. Today we thought we would compare the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ to see which specs are changed and which device would deserve a customer’s attention.

A first detail we notice with the new phablet is the fact that it is actually thinner than its predecessor, even though the display size is obviously bigger.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Let’s check out the display details of these two gadgets. The first thing that comes to mind, as we mentioned before, the Galaxy S6 Edge has a smaller display of 5.1-inches, while the Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a 5.7-inches display. They both show off protection assured by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 they both are equipped with. Another spec that didn’t change on the phablet is the display type, being a Super AMOLED QHD which hold a pixel resolution of 1440×2560, exactly the same as the smartphone.

The only difference in this category is the pixel density: the S6 Edge shows off a great 577 PPI pixel density, while the other one has a 518 PPI density and on a larger screen, as well. So the smartphone has the phablet beat in this category.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge already had the best processor a device could get at the moment, there was little to no expectations for the South Korean tech giant to make any changes in this department. The smartphone and phablet show off Octa-core processors (actually formed of a 1.5GHz quad and a 2.1 GHz quad), the model being Exynos 7420. So we can say both devices are equal in this category.

In the camera department, both the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ show off the same camera features, the same as the original, Galaxy S6. We can notice a 16MP capacity on the principal camera, while the secondary one has 5MP. As for features, we’re brought up with optical image stabilization, 4K video quality, LED flah and autofocus.

The operating system is however a little different, because the newer device was given an update. The Galaxy S6 Edge runs on Android Lollipop, the version 5.0.2. with TouchWiz technology included. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ shows off the same OS, the 5.1.1. version. However, even if that is true, Samsung has made the update available to the smartphone as well, the two devices becoming equals.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5 Active, E3, S3 and Note 3 Neo Got Android 6. Marshmallow Update

Regarding the battery, both the smartphone and the phablet can be wirelessly charged using a powermat, they both have a microUSB 2.0 which ensures fast charging and both their batteries cannot be removed. However, we finally see a difference brought in by Samsung: the battery capacity is larger on the S6 Edge+ (3000 mAh), while the S6 Edge has 2600 mAh.

As for final thoughts, we can only say that the devices are very similar in terms of specs. The smartphone shows off a slightly better display, while the phablet shows off a better battery. These details might be important in your decision of which one is the best, but the true deciding factor will be what suits you the best: a larger or a smaller device.