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Today we’ve decided to compare two very well known and wanted phablets on the market to see which one has the best specifications and would ensure the best user experience. So let’s see what specs the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Google’s Nexus 6 have to offer.


Both phablets look great, having aluminum frames and a premium look. The Galaxy Note 5 however shows off the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back, which is slightly curved, and gives a slightly more elegant look.

Nexus 6

As for size, the Nexus 6 is larger than Samsung’s device, but not by much: 33% thicker, 5% taller and 9% wider. The only noticeable difference is in thickness, and the fact that the Galaxy Note 5 is so thin, it is also 7% lighter than Google’s gadget.

When talking about color, the South Korean tech giant might have Google beat with four color options, compared to Google’s only two colors.


In the display department, the two phablets don’t pose that much threat to each other, having mostly the same specs. As we mentioned before, the Nexus 6 display is larger than the Galaxy Note 5’s one. The resolution of both devices is one of the best out there, both having Quad HD displays. The Super AMOLED character of both display ensure an accurate color depth and representation.

Processor and internal memory

The Galaxy Note 5 is the newer device of the two, so we were expecting a fast-working processor and we got it, Samsung giving the phablet the same chip as the Galaxy S6 has. Even though Google’s Nexus 6 has been released nine months ago, its processor is still one of the best ones out there.

However, in the RAM department, the Note 5 wins with 1 GB over its opponent’s capacity.

The internal memory for both devices comes in two options: 32 GB and 64 GB (there is no microSD slot available).

The operating system that the phablets run is Android Lollipop: Google’s device runs the original version of Android, while Samsung chose to modify the OS with the TouchWiz technology and bring on some new features (such as the ones necessary for the S Pen).


As we said before, the Galaxy Note 5 is the newer device, so it does have a better camera than the Nexus 6. The Google device doesn’t have a bad camera at all, but Samsung is equipping its newest phablet with the same camera as the Galaxy S6 which is a pretty great camera.

Moto G 2014, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update

An interesting feature that the Note 5 has is the shortcut to get to the camera: you just tap the home button twice and the camera appears on the screen.


The Google Nexus 6 actually has a higher capacity on its battery than the Galaxy Note 5 does. As for removing the battery, it cannot be done with neither of these two. Both devices charge fast through their microUSB cables and have wireless charging available.

However, wireless charging is usually slow, but Samsung improved this aspect on its phablet.


The Galaxy Note 5, as being a new device on the market and all, will retail for a bigger price. The Nexus 6 had its original price at 650 US dollars, but after nine months from its launch, you will probably find it at the price of 500 US dollar.