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As you are probably aware, the biggest companies on the smartphone market are Samsung and Apple, the two companies have been in rivalry for years. Samsung will very soon release another device on the market, the phablet Galaxy Note 5. This phablet is the combination of a smartphone and a tablet, which for some will be an advantage and for some a disadvantage.

But so is Apple’s latest device, so the Note 5 will bring some competition to the iPhone 6 Plus. Let’s see what these two phablets can do for the best user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5  Android 6.0 Marshmallow


The winner in the design category is usually a matter of personal preference. There is no way we can be objective about the look of the phablets, but we’ll give you the facts so you can decide for yourself.

The devices are quite similar in appearence, the iPhone 6 Plus being a tad larger than the Galaxy Note 5. As for body, Samsung’s device is curved on the back, while Apple’s is curved on the sides. Another factor in your decision may be the camera placement: the iPhone has its camera in the upper left side of the rear side, while the Note 5 shows a central camera which is actually larger than its opponent’s.


The iPhone 6 Plus shows off an IPS LCD display which has a screen size of 5.7-inches. The pixel resolution of this phablet is 1920×1080, which is a great quality for a device on the market these days.

However, the Samsung has Apple beat in this department, the Galaxy Note 5 being equipped with a Super AMOLED display which reaches a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. The only ‘downside’ which might not matter to a lot of people, is the screen size being slightly smaller at 5.5-inches.

Putting these two types of displays in a battle, we would see that the Super AMOLED shows up color depth, while the exact color representation is better with the IPS LCD one.


We are not impressed by Apple’s choices in the camera department: the company decided to not make any changes and leave the camera at 8 MP which might become too little for today’s market demands. The phablet does have optical image stabilization (OIS), which we will give credit for, but we’re afraid this category is won by Samsung.  The Galaxy Note 5 has a better camera than its predecessor: a 16 megapixels camera with some new features as OIS.



The Galaxy Note 5 is said to come with a very impressive capacity of 4 GB of RAM, which is an upgrade from 3 GB as we saw on the Galaxy S6. The device runs an Exynos 7420 processor, which promises a lot, being an octa-core one.

The iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t need that much RAM to run, but the 2 GB it is equipped with still cannot beat Samsung’s phablet.

Final thoughts

After all the discussion, we can see that Samsung have upped their game and we can easily declare the Galaxy Note 5 the winner in terms of specifications. The iPhone 6 Plus may still appeal to some users, because of the different OS and user experience.