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If you are quite the technology enthusiastic, you might have heard the rumours going around in the tech world about a second version of the new Samsung device coming to the market: the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was presumed to appear in a Dual SIM form as well.

Now it is not only a presumption, but a very strong possibility because there has appeared a report saying that the Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM is already in the pre-orders state in the Philippines. If we give this report credit, then we can only assume Samsung is going to make an announcement in which they reveal which other markets the device will hit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0 Marshmallow

As we remember from the company’s latest launch event, they are prepared to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 quite the exclusive device, reaching only hand picked markets.

Because the idea of a dual SIM version is only at rumour level, there is no exact pricing expectation available.

The Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM is said to have ‘surfaced’ in some pictures coming from Taiwan. These images are supposed to be a guarantee that the device has indeed the Dual SIM feature. Unfortunately, there is a contradiction between these pictures and the leaks we hear before the launch of the Galaxy Note 5. The photos show that the phone will not have a microSD slot card, while the leaks assured us that there will be one. Nevetheless, the other specifications will be exactly the same as the original phablet.

There was another dispute about the new phablet, but Samsung was quick to respond and assure everybody that it was only a technical mistake. The United States website of the company showed available 128GB of internal storage versions of both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ which are confirmed to not be released under this form.

The most likely reason Samsung is not bringing these two versions of the devices is the fact that the demand for 128GB smartphones is low, as for being the most expensive ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy A8

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is set to August 21st, so we might hear some explanations about the dual SIM variant of the phablet.

While there is no assumed price for the dual SIM version, the Galaxy Note 5 will start at 740 US dollars (with 32 GB of internal memory), while the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a little bit pricier, starting at 815 US dollars.