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Because Minecraft is constantly being hit with upgrades, some of you might miss out on the most amazing gimmicks, which of course don’t just lie in plain sight. Check out these 7 amazing tricks which you can use in Minecraft.

Trick no.1 – Air bubbles can be created courtesy of torches

If it’s not your first time getting lost and “cemented” deep underwater, then this gimmick will come in handy. Simply add a Torch and you should be able to swim up to the surface to take a deep breath of fresh air.


Note: You have to be close to the Torch if you want this method to work.

Trick no.2 – Use torches to crumble down piles of sand & gravel

This might not be a secret for some of you. Those of you, who are in need of Sand and Gravel, should oust the block with a Torch. This means that the assemblage will cave-in and will be shattered into bits and pieces.

Trick no.3 – Use torches to construct sand & gravel

Using a Torch does come in handy because apart from ravaging it also aids gamers to construct something. So by adding a simple block of sand right on top of a torch, the rest will not crumble and fall.

Trick no.4 – Block water and lava with ladders and signs

Both lava and water are pretty precarious. You can stop lava from burning you if you use a Ladder or a Sign. With the latter tools you can construct underwater as well.

Trick no.5 – Snowballs – a powerful asset against Blazes


For you to get your hands on a bow and arrow requires spending some of your resources. So if by any chance, you’ve got stuck in a snow environment, snowballs should be the number one resource here. They will come in handy if you find yourself threaten in Nether. Simply hit Blaze with the snowballs and you’ll be in the clear.

Trick no.6 – Getting rid of grass with water

If you want to remove further space for another new construction, the Bucket is the right tool for you. Throw one full of water on the grass and it will remove the green areas you want.