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In September, Apple is preparing to release the newest gizmo. So, given the fact that the countdown has begun, Apple has decided to release various upgrades as well.

Apparently, a brand new functionality will be added into the iOS 9. The latter is called Wi-Fi Assist.  How will it work? Apple claims that the latter element will permit all iOS gizmos to identify the best network signal, no matter where you are. Daily Mail informs us that Wi-Fi Assist will occasionally change between the mobile phone data signal and the Wi-Fi one, this all depends of the coverage each network has.

iOS 9.1 Update, iOS 9.1, Apple

Even if this is a major move for Apple, the feature mentioned above has not yet been included into the iOS 9 beta that is out there. Rumor has it that the company is planning on unveiling this feature at the big event that will take place in the month of September.

In other news, the upgrades that came out a couple of weeks backs on the iOS platform were not from Apple. Microsoft made a public announcement in which the latter claimed that Microsoft Translator will roll out to the Apple Watch. The same company claimed that it will also roll out another upgrade which will target the iOS variant of Microsoft Outlook.

Apple iOS 9.1,  iOS 9.1, Apple

Microsoft Translator will offer users multilingual translations. It can translate from and into 50 languages and it was initially included in Office, Bing and Skype. But, now with this new update set in motion, Microsoft Translator will be accessible on devices running on iOS.

The stratagem behind Microsoft’s game plan to include the Translator feature on the iOS means that it wishes to propel its services and target the mobile industry as well. Also, a new update will target the iOS Outlook variant. This will be packed with serious performance improvements as well as UI changes.