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It might not be the first time you’ve encounter annoying error numbers which pop-up over and over again when you set-up a new app from Google Play Store. Check out the list below with some of these errors and the quick fixes that you should implement.

Error Code 194

Why? This happens when one sets-up either games or app from the Play Store. What you should do: try and clear the cache data from both Play Services and Play Store.

Google Play Store 5.12.10, Google Play Store, Android TV

Quick Fix:

  1. Settings, look for Apps/Application Manager
  2. Go to All apps and look for Google Play Store app
  3. Click to open the app details and then click the Force stop.
  4. Your final move is to hit the Clear data knob.
  5. The same must be done for the Google Play Services( at point 2 add Google Play Services instead)

Error Code 495

Why? This might imply an issue while downloading or even upgrading apps from the Play Store.

Quick Fix:

Erase your Google Play Store data. For this go to Settings, next Apps, then All, Google Play Store and look for Clear data. Keep in mind that by performing this action, you will get a new Google ID. The latter step works just like a factory reset move.

So just erase the Google account, restart the device  and add once more your Google account. This is done  in the following way:

  1. Settings
  2. Accounts
  3. Add Account
  4. Google Account

Error Code 941

Why? This means you are cut off while you update.

Quick Fix:

  • Start by heading on to Settings
  • Apps
  • All
  • Google Play Store and hit the clear cache and data knob.
  • Right were you are, go Download Manager and clear cache and data here as well.

Error Code 961

Why? This happens when you are trying to set-up Android apps.

Quick Fix: Within the first 15 minutes, get your money back from the Play Store. This must be done by choosing the repayment selection in the Play Store. Then head on to Settings and click Applications and with a simple swipe left gesture you should see  All apps pop-up. Go down to Google Play and click on it. Once here, delete the cache and if it still doesn’t work erase the data.

Google Play Store 6.00, Google Play Store, Google

Error Code 403

Why? When you have 2 Google accounts and you are using them to buy an app from one device, you get error code 403. The error means your request is not permitted and your download is not possible.

Quick fix: So head on to the Google Play Store with the right Google account. Disable the app you are trying to download. Try to get it once more from the Google Play and hit the purchase knob.

If this doesn’t work, we have another quick fix for you. Go to Settings, opt for Wireless and Networks and then click on Mobile Network. Choose the APN (short for Access Point Name) and then select Clear Proxy. This should do the trick.