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It is true that there are many people who use the Google Maps app on their devices.

However, there are a lot of updates and features of these apps that aren’t used by most users of the app. There are so many logics that Google Maps makes clear, and this is one of the reasons people love to use the app. Apart from the fact that it helps with locations and directions, it also helps to educate if the right features are used the right way.

Given an adequate period, the Earth is more malleable than most of us give it credit for. There are most times when we tend to consider the changes of the earth to be geological. However, more is involved in some of the changes the earth sees on a daily basis.


The truth is that some of the features move quite quickly and changes its pace than others and such changes in pace can be observed through satellite imagery.

Using Google Maps to Check the River Movements

Yes, for most people it is a surprise to them reading this article because they never had an idea how much their Google Maps app could see some rivers. Rivers ideally are very unpredictable, and the most increasing is changing parts of the earth. This is due to how they are affected by erosion, floods, upstream snow melts, etc. All of this leads to the river banks to expand, and it shifts them from their present course.

With Google Maps apps, you can see views of how some rivers move during specific times and seasons in all parts of the world and also how they move. To begin with, you will be able to notice how river curves expand and how their bends grow year, after year.

Time-Lapse Feature in Google Maps

The time-lapse feature that is built into the Google Maps app didn’t seem to be a big deal, till it started to make such images and views clear to all who are interested.


Although not all details obtained can be quite clear now, this feature helps us appreciate nature and the Earth more and also how unique the slightest changes that happen affects rivers and other natural habitats.

Google Maps has it all; however, make sure you have your app regularly updated, so that you can benefit from its other amazing features, free.