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It is now official that Google has remembered Android Wear users.

For a long time, these users were unable to access, download or install Google Maps on their wearables.

However, the situation has changed drastically with the announcement that the popular Google app is available for use in all manner of wearables. The app now comes with a voice command feature that you can use in initiating Google Maps and finding your desired or preferred location.

Google Maps Update

The successful integration of screen support has ensured that map viewing remains in battery-saving mode at all times for all users of Android wears. Whether you glance at the screen or not, the battery-saving mode of the new feature on this app will remain intact. Google Maps now comes with plenty of third-party apps. The new third-party apps ensure that the use of the navigation system becomes much easier. The new third-party apps include:

  1. Trip Advisor
  2. Zillow
  3. Trulia
  4. Glympse
  5. HotelTonight

If you are a regular user of Android Wear, you might have noticed the recent announcement regarding the unveiling of the Maps API. This latest announcement followed a recent one several tidy additions such as:

  • Wi-Fi support
  • Always-on applications
  • Emojis

The two main Android Wear devices include Gear Live and G Watch. On the other hand, it is possible to go to Google Play Store and obtain the latest devices at any given moment. You can then obtain Google Maps and use it on the Android Wear that you just found at Google Play Store. Enabling the app (Google Maps) for the Android Wear of your choice is all about clicking or swiping “Open Maps” and it will be right in front of your eyes.

After downloading and installing the new app, you are free to scroll or play with features such as zoom. Feel free to keep switching between one or several directions as you please. The knobs for zooming are on the top right corner of the screen that is right in front of you. The main reason Google launched the Wears was to provide users with information that moves with them. The inclusion of Google Maps on the Android Wears helps achieve this goal.

Google Maps 9.22.2

With Android Wear, you can now determine the number of steps remaining before arriving at your destination. With enhanced features such as Google Maps now available for these types of gadgets, riding on a bus becomes a more impressive undertaking. This is because the new features make it possible to provide your friends, family or workmates with a more accurate picture regarding the time it will take to get to your destination.

For the above reasons, if you hesitated to acquire Android Wear simply because of concerns that you previously had regarding the ability to use Google Maps on such gizmos, you should not worry anymore. The new gizmos, fitted with the navigation app, take guessing out of your traveling at night or during the day and regardless of the location.