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Android users will be delighted to learn that Google has rolled out a new version of the Hangouts app.

The latest Google Hangouts 4.0 comes in with a newer, sleeker design and a faster speed to use the interface that offers users with a much better experience than before.

When Google rolled out the latest version of Hangouts for Android, the developers revealed in an official blog that this new app promises a much simpler, faster and extremely beautiful experience for the users of this application.

Google Hangouts

Latest Google Hangouts for Android takes care of bug problems in previous versions

The latest version not only comes in with an experience and design that is much better than the previous versions, it also comes in with fixes to bug problems that affected these previous versions too. Issues that resulted in delays and hold ups during conversations on Hangouts are no more, thanks to the fixes rolled out with Hangouts 4.0.

According to the company’s Communication Product Manager, this new version represents the efforts directed towards ensuring there is no bug in the app, it runs and performs much faster than before and is more reliable. There are even more benefits to this as the app will lead to reduced battery consumption, thanks to the faster speed of exchanging messages.

Updated material design

The most obvious change you’ll notice upon installing the latest Google Hangouts 4.0 on your Android device will be Google’s Material Design. The app comes in with a material design that is more fluid where items intuitively respond to your touch and the transitions are very fluid.

You will also come across a new compose button located towards the bottom right of the display screen, an addition that makes sending messages a piece of cake. Upon clicking on this button, Hangouts 4.0 will open up a field where you can enter a name of any of your friends and send them a message. This feature works both for individual and group conversations. The newly introduced user interface is also much faster and simpler than with previous versions. It now makes it easier to share multiple photos, send location, GIFs and emojis.


Furthermore, the latest Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android is installed with an Outbound Caller ID. This feature is meant to eliminate the “Unknown” callers from your list of calls. In addition, the new Hangouts app enables users to place more affordable calls via the Hangouts Dialer as well as reply to Hangouts messages using Google Voice.

Google has also reintroduced the custom message feature where users can easily share anything that is on their mind regardless of their connection status.

There is more to this new application from Google and for sure, it is working hard towards beating competition from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. To get a taste of these latest features in Google Hangouts 4.0, head to the Google Play Store and update to the latest version. Those using the iOS devices can get the latest version from the Apple App Store for free.

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