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There is a hidden option on your iPhone which will help you back up the gizmo. All of your multimedia files along with any messages and apps will be saved to your iCloud. However this only works if you are linked to a Wi-Fi network and if your screen is locked.

It’s crucial to update your iPhone constantly. If you don’t have time to do this update by linking to a PC or using iTunes, there is a faster way to do this, so stay tuned.

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iCloud Backup

iCloud backups are pretty distinct than the backups created in iTunes. So here is a list of the items that are normally saved to one’s iCloud: you can see all of the history regarding the movies, shows, applications and of course books and music that you have bought. The app info as well as the device settings will also be backed up. You can also save the ringtones, visual voicemails, all of your MMS messages and iMessages plus the HomeKit option and so on.

Note: if you buy media and applications that aren’t from iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store for instance the latter will not be saved to iCloud.

So without any further ado, let’s see how this process works. Make sure you are linked to a Wi-Fi and then head on to Settings, look for iCloud and then keep on scrolling until you see Backup and click on it. If you look further down, you should see the precise date when you’ve performed your latest iCloud backup alongside the Back up Now option. The duration for the backup process to be complete normally depends on the size of the documents/files you wish to save.

Tips on how to reinstate a backup from an iPhone device:

Unfortunately, you will have to reboot your device for this process. Settings is your first stop, then General and look for reset. Now, you should be looking at more reset choices, however your top choice will be the Erase All Content and Settings. Then make sure you add your screen password and then click Erase iPhone. The next move is to write the iCloud password and the process is complete. Once your device will delete all of your stored info, connect to a network and in Apps &data click on Restore from iCloud Backup and then write your Apple ID and of course passcode.

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You should be gazing at a list of all your former backups, make sure you click on the newest one which of course should be the final list that you have saved. After you select a list, your device will carry on with the restoration.

The final move is to add all of your iCloud data so that your settings are up to date and of course add the Apple Pay option. Once you’re done performing the latter step, you should see all of your apps and other files saved on your device.