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There is no doubt that the more than 50 million people already using Windows 10 did finally exhale a sigh of relief when this new Microsoft OS was released a few weeks ago to take the place of Windows 8.

If you are one of the many who missed out on all the new advances and features that came with Windows 8 and 8.1, this is your chance to experience new levels of performance as well as more advances in features and specs. There is plenty to catch up with, and the good thing is that the new Windows 10 upgrade is totally free. As long as you have installed a licensed Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you are eligible to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 without paying a dime.

So, why must you upgrade to the latest Windows 10 now (or later)?

Windows 10


Speed is not just all about performance and execution of heavy tasks; rather, it begins from the startup. This is an upgrade that started with Windows 8/8.1,and it continues with Windows 10. When compared to Windows 7, the latest releases from Microsoft are miles ahead when it comes to startup speed.

Gamers will also be happy to know that DirectX 12, a new 3D engine that will drive game developers closer to the immersive performance levels, will come with Windows 10 to help with boosting of gaming speeds.

Start menu

The Start Menu is back in Windows 10, something that created lots of havoc when it was omitted in Windows 8. However, Microsoft has not left behind the tile-based menu it introduced in the previous Windows version and instead, it is included on the new Start menu alongside the usual program list. This also makes Windows 10 touch-enabled, just like its Windows 8 was with the tile-based interface.


Isn’t it amazing to be able to talk to your tech devices? If you have used Siri or Google Now, you probably have a feeling of how nice this hands-free interaction is. All you need is to holler at Cortana, and she will be at your service. There is more to this digital voice assistant than just voice commands. The feature also keeps track of your interests where things such as scores of your favorite teams, traffic info, local weather and many more.

Universal apps

There is no App Store on Windows 7. However, this is different with Windows 10 as it lets you find applications from the store. There are also more powerful productivity apps that are sleeker, for instance, Photos, Music, Videos, People, Calendar, and Mail. All of these apps can work in a full-screen mode, use touch commands to navigate them as well as be accessed using the traditional mouse and keyboard options.

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As noted earlier, there was no touch option in Windows 7. However, Windows 10 offers this option thus adding your desktop or laptop to the many touchscreen devices you already have in your life. Even though some may not prefer the idea of having a touch-enabled desktop or laptop PC, this addition can be very convenient at some point.

Action Center

Just like you receive pop notifications on your phone whenever you receive a message, there is an update or sometimes breaking thenews. It will be possible to receive similar notifications via Windows 10 Action Center. Here, you will be able to see messages from your emails, system updates as well as other installed apps.

Microsoft Edge browser

There is a new Microsoft Edge browser that has finally brought to an end the long run IE has had with Windows OS. With this new Edge browser, you will enjoy enhanced compatibility and speed in addition to improved security.