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WhatsApp and Viber are seriously considering adding paid services in the near future.

The India Ratings and Research firm issued the following allegation concerning WhatsApp’s paid service: “OTT players will have to roll out separate packages for VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services which shall eventually be charged to the subscribers. Players such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Hike shall have to tweak their business models by differentiating between the messaging and VoIP product offerings.”


Also, the net neutral panel demands a firm management concerning calls on the following IM app: Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. This regulation will only make the latter apps compete against other’s similar services provided by TSPs.

Lots of users worldwide love to use the above mentioned apps because they can easily correspond with their endeared ones. WhatsApp and Viber both offer free of charge voice calls. However, with the former app users can only use it for the 1st year, after then the app will charge them for using the call service with 99 cents/year. Viber on the other hand does not cost a dime. Users will only be charged if they initiate calls to landline numbers or mobile ones.

If you own a gizmo that operates on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Series 40, Symbian, and Windows Phone, you can use Viber and WhatsApp with ease. The only thing you should remember is that making a call or even sending a message from Viber to WhatsApp or from WhatsApp to Viber is not possible.


WhatsApp came out with the voice call option in February. At the beginning, users were not pleased with the fact that this new addition consumed a lot of data, just like Skype and that the call quality was not the best one. Several of these problems were mended by WhatsApp however the latter still cannot support VoIP calls.

Viber on the other hand has come out with the voice call addition ever since it first made its appearance. For now, users can only enjoy HD calls. Viber can also be set-up on Mac Windows and even Linux PCs, which is a big advantage for most users.

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