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WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile applications out there and it can be installed on six mobile platforms, including Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The developers of WhatsApp are working on all platforms, but unfortunately, they are rarely updating the application for the Symbian devices. For example, the WhatsApp version for Android is getting updated about 3-4 times per week, while the WhatsApp version for Nokia Asha is being updated 1-2 times per month.

The good news is that the developers just released a new WhatsApp version for Nokia Asha and devices that run on Symbian S40 such as the Nokia C3. The new installation file has been decreased by about 100KB, which seems that the developers are trying to optimize its size.

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This update was released in order to fix some bugs and issues that were found in the previous versions of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha and S40. At the same time, we have noticed that the developers have worked on the translation. Unfortunately, this version cannot be found on the Opera Mobile Store (Nokia Store), as it is currently in BETA.

However, in case you want to download the latest STABLE version of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha, you can get it with ease from the official store (Opera Mobile Store), but keep in mind that WhatsApp 2.12.89 is the latest STABLE version.

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.95 on Nokia Asha

As we have told you above, you cannot download the WhatsApp 2.12.95 from the official store. However, you can download the jad file from and manually install it on your Nokia Asha device.


As soon as the installation is complete, you will need to use your mobile phone number to get verified and that’s it!

Have you installed WhatsApp 2.12.95 on your Nokia Asha device? Tell us your thoughts about the latest WhatsApp BETA version for your Nokia Asha device!

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