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Future bride and grooms out there should definitely check out these weddings apps. With a simple download you can easily plan your entire wedding day straight from your smartphone. Check out these 6 great wedding planning apps now:

  1. iDoo app

This is a fun app which also comes with a neat countdown system so you’ll know how many days are left. You have a neatly organized checklist, a seating chart if you need one and of course a very detailed vendor list to choose from.


  1. Wedding Budget Calculator app

Having the wedding of your dreams will definitely be a splurge for most. Even if you have calculated everything in your mind, you’ll have a reality check once you see how everything actually costs.


If you set-up Wedding Budget Calculator app on your phone, this app will show you a list of the most important wedding costs that you should consider. Thus you will know how much you have spent and you can keep track of every dollar. Get it now for only $2.99!

  1. Zola app

A wedding registry is every bride’s dream for sure. Everybody is enjoying shopping, especially when it comes to such an exciting event. So, instead of a fancy tea set or household appliances, your guests can buy you and your groom services.


You heard it right! You and your future hubby can list some of your wishes, such as sailing or mountain climbing on your honeymoon. There is also the possibility of adding a fund to this wish list or start a group gifting where your guests can pitch in. Download it for free on your iOS device.

  1. WedPics app

With WedPics you can share the most important photos of this big day. Your guests can take all the pictures they want and later share them with other common friends. There is even a fun way to categorize your photos, for instance bridal shower, wedding reception and so on. Have fun taking loads if photos and then selecting the funniest or the most romantic ones.

  1. The Knot app

From The Knot, brides can be inspired. You have listing of wedding vendors regarding wedding cakes, bridal gowns, shoes and more. Browse a ton of ideas which have been included from real wedding experiences and find the right ideas for your own wedding day.


  1. 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner app

Again, another app which will definitely give you and your bride some useful insight on everything related to the wedding day. You can use the app to gather amazing photos, you can also leave a comment on a picture you like and you can also find neat sites which can help you put together a to-do list for the most important day in your life.