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The increasing number of devices that people use to access

The internet around the world has seen a huge proliferation of viruses, spyware, and malware. A good number of the antivirus programs found in the market today are capable of providing computers and other mobile devices with ample protection against viruses. However, some programs are incapable of doing an excellent job. The challenge is in identifying the best antivirus programs.

Operating a laptop, computer or Smartphone without installing any antivirus program could make it much slower with time. In many cases, the device could stop functioning altogether. In fact, operating the device without installing any antivirus program could expose you to identity theft. The theft of some of your most sensitive information could lead to huge losses if it lands into the hands of people with ulterior motives.

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  • BitDefender

This antivirus program should be on your list. It enjoys incredible reviews by users purely because of the amazing results that the antivirus posted on lab tests. BitDefender comes in two versions – one for Mac and the other for PCs. The license goes for around $40. The antivirus has won several awards in the last couple of years. Some of the features you should expect to see in the antivirus include the following:

  • wide-ranging protection tools
  • accurate spam filtering
  • protection against phishing
  • protection against malware
  • increases booting and shutdown time
  • light
  • runs in the background

BitDefender does not affect either the speed or performance of the machine. However, be careful with the machine in which to install this program. This is because of the difficulty in installing it on infected machines.

  • Kaspersky

This antivirus program costs the same price as BitDefender. Just like BitDefender, Kaspersky has also won several awards over the years. Investing in this antivirus program would entitle you to the 30-day trial period. The trial period still entitles you to enjoy full protection and in real-time. It has a slower speed for scanning the device or machine for viruses and malware.

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The fact that Kaspersky enables the machine to retain rather than draining the battery works to its favor.

  • Panda

The PC version of this antivirus program goes for around $40. However, if you prefer the Mac version, prepare a budget of around $50. It has incredible features that include:

  • offering real-time protection
  • automatic leveraging of data
  • protection for browser exploit
  • automatic detection of USBs
  • ability to cease undiscovered attacks

Non-Existent false positives.However, several users have cited the limited technical support that is available for Panda as the main drawback.

  • Avast

If you need the Mac version of Avast, you will not pay a single cent to acquire, download and install it.


However, the Pro version for a PC goes for roughly $35 per year. A user can test the program for 30 days prior to and after purchase. An unsatisfied user is entitled to a money back guarantee. The main features that you will find in this antivirus program include the following:

  • registry startup protection
  • streaming
  • virus database updates in real-time
  • AutoSandbox
  • WebRep
  • SafeZone

Therefore, if you need adequate, effective and reliable protection for your computer or other types of mobile devices, downloading and installing any of these antivirus programs today would do wonders.