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Over the years, there have been significant updates that have been made by Google that you should benefit from.

Although most people are unable to find out the details of such updates, it is important for every Google Maps user to try to find them in order to benefit from the unique features Google Maps app brings or offers.

One of the coolest features that Google Maps has is the Uber mode of transportation that can be selected. This update was made a few months ago. However, they have become a craze for so many Uber users who had issues some months back accessing Uber.

Uber vs. Taxi

Uber into Google Mapping

In the Google Maps mapping system, there is an alternative that permits you to choose Uber as a transportation mode. Although some people could not understand why this was done, it has turned out to be very time saving to use this method of transportation for most Google Maps users.

Also, this update has helped to bring Uber out to more clients all over the world, especially in countries where they are greatly represented. Even if you are not interested in Uber, you should try to find out about how you can use it with your Google Maps for the future.

So, how can Uber be used from Google Maps?

The method is a very simple one. However, because of some unfortunate button placements, this feature is not as intuitive as it should be. Always start by making sure you have Uber and Google Maps apps updated and installed on your iOS device. If you have old versions, you will find it very difficult to benefit fully from them both.

To begin your Uber journey, you will have to visit Google Maps and have your directions set. Choose your beginning location and destination. After that, click the transportation icon. Mostly, it is a small car. However, it can be a walker, train, or even a biker. Because Uber is known as a reliable public transportation form, choosing the train icon will be a better decision.

Google Maps 9.22.2

Scroll to the bottom of the pile of path cards you see and choose to Uber your destination. If you choose to Uber your destination, you will not order a car immediately. You will be kicked to the Uber application.

However, just as the app is being opened, you can pick or choose the car alternative you prefer such as a Black Car, Rush, UberT, Rush, UberX, etc. After you have chosen the car, have your location for pickup set and that is it.

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