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AD Reforged is a pretty amazing pack which will help you play around with the textures in Minecraft. The quality and consistency for diamond, iron, obsidian and other pieces have been completely transformed.

This new pack was implemented by Void1313, the mastermind behind the Arestian’s Dawn pack. Gamers will love this brand new pack which brings some pretty amazing graphics to Minecraft as well.

Minecraft Story Mode, Minecraft

Once you set up this brand new pack, Minecraft will no longer sport the older facet. You will love the new skyline and even the sand which will definitely propel you into a fantasy land. There is a new 32x resolution which will definitely make a world of difference along with the textures that have been created with care and attention.

But, it will still take a little while longer to be fully finished. For now, Void1313 claims that the pack is merely 70% done. Minecraft members are undoubtedly curious about this pack and are eager to receive the next updates.

So, if you cannot wait until the pack is complete, have a look-see at the AD Reforged Resource pack download guide right now.

AD Reforged Resource Pack Install Now! (Guide)


Make sure you either have Optifine or MCPatcher for the resource pack to work. Here is what you have to do next: Start by downloading the pack, open Minecraft and head on to Options, then Resource Packs, click on Open Resource Packs Folder and then simply add the zip file and drop it right into the folder.

Now all there is left for you to do is choose the pack and you are good to go. Let’s just hope it will be complete soon so that those of you who do not want the existing unfinished version, can look forward for the better and final one.