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We’re one step closer to autumn, the season when all the mobile goodies get released. September is the month when Apple unveils its iPhone (s) and in the past months we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models, but we didn’t know much about their specs. Google will release two Nexuses: smaller one that will be created by LG and a phablet that, this time, will have the Huawei name on it. But these two monster phones won’t beat the iPhone 6S in terms of specs.

Thanks to the blog site Tech Tastic, now we know more information about the iPhone 6S and the phablet variant, and we can assure you that Apple has made some important upgrades inside them.

Google, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P

A9 chipset built on 14nm process

It wouldn’t be a surprise to find the latest A9 processing chip inside the next iPhones, since we kept hearing rumors about this big achievement. According to the Tech Tastic report, the processor will be built by Samsung or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, which will use 14nm architecture. Therefore, the A9 will be more efficient than its predecessor, as the latest GeekBench benchmark showed that it can easily outperform the A8X chip which is used on the iPad Air 2.

More RAM

The same source claims that the A9 processor will have three cores clocked at 1.5GHz and they will be backed by 2GB of RAM. The previous iPhones supports only 1GB of RAM, and they’re beaten by many of the latest Android flagships. So, it was about time to see more RAM, because the market is started to get invaded by Android phones with 4GB of RAM.

Apple’s processors didn’t need too much RAM, because the hardware integrated very well with the software, and iOS made the mobile components very efficient.

The new models will have the same screen sizes as their predecessors, but the rear camera will be upgraded from 8MP to 12MP. The display will feature Force Touch technology, which will make the phones a little bit thicker.

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Nexus 5/6 2015

The LG model will have a screen that will measure 5.2inches, with QHD resolution, and will have a metal body whose leaked dimensions are 147x73x8-9.8mm. Most likely, the device will be powered by a hexa core Snapdragon 808 processor as in the LG G4.

The Huawei model is rumored to measure 159.4×78.3×6.6-8.5mm, but its screen will have a size of 5.7inches. There are rumors saying that the processor will be Snapdragon 810, while others believe that it will be the new Snapdragon 820 CPU.