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Google Hangouts has now joined the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in facilitating VoIP calls, thanks to the newly introduced version 4.0.

Hangouts 4.0 was rolled out a few days ago and in this latest update, Google comes in with not just new features, but also a new look for this mobile-friendly messaging app.

According to Google, the new app offers the users a new and fresh look, additional features as well as improved speed of message delivery. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring Google’s competition in the IM market stays at par with the other players such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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Google Hangouts is still struggling

Ever since it came into being, Google Hangouts has found it tough to break into the highly competitive IM and VoIP world. Despite offering a number of world-class services and features, this app has yet to clock figures of monthly active users similar to those clocked by WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat.

Initially, this app was part and parcel of Google+. However, Google decided to make it a standalone application and just last year, it took over from Google Talk. Using Hangouts, users can send messages as well as make voice and video calls. However, unlike most of these apps, Google Hangouts does not show if your friend is online.

Google revamping Hangouts to make it better

Google has rolled out an application that will for sure compete with the other big players in the industry thanks to the new features it has equipped this app with. Among the most recent additions is the ability to call landlines and any mobile phone number right from the Hangouts Dialer. In addition, this app comes with an Outbound Caller ID that will ensure your friends no longer get calls from “Mr. Unknown”.

The latest Google Hangouts 4.0 also lets the users send and receive group messages via Hangouts using their Google Voice. It is now even much better and easier to use this new version of Hangouts on Android Wear thanks to the strong integration of Google Now feature.

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Google Hangouts 4.0 updates rolling out slowly

Google has availed the latest version of Hangouts 4.0 in the official Play Store for the Android users. However, not all countries have received this update as of now. Google says the update is already out, so, it’s just a matter of time before it hits your Google Play Store.

Those using the iPhones and other iOS-based devices can also get this update via the iTunes App Store.