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Gmail is still undergoing several improvements, but without a doubt it has come a long way from where it first started. There are some of you who might not know how to benefit from Gmail’s hidden tools and features. If this is the case, do not stop reading. Find out below how to ease your work by using these practical tips regarding Gmail:

  • Multiple Gmail accounts

Usually everybody owns a basic Gmail address. The latter is also linked to the Google account and some might also have a Google apps account as well. Now, you can easily use them all together.

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If you have Google Chrome as a default browser, you can immediately sign into multiple accounts, each one with its own tab. With other browsers, this signing process will have to be repeated.

  • Canned Responses at your disposal

If you normally have to write the same message to various recipients, you should use the Canned Response feature. Tap the little arrow symbol (see right corner of the messages) and pick Canned Responses. You can either backup the messages or include a former message that you have saved to the open window.

  • Hangouts Is fun and useful

Google has successfully replaced the former Gtalk with Hangouts. The latter feature can be used for audio as well as video calls initiated to other individuals that also use Hangouts. All you have to do is hit the sign in button into Hangouts, look for a specific contact in your list and then either select the video camera or the phone symbol.

  • How to mute a conversation

If you are not in the mood for a certain conversation in Gmail, simply hit the mute button. Look for it in the More menu or click on the M key. The message will be stored in your archives.

  • Use emoji


If you enjoy using the emojis, then head on to the menu (bottom side of the window) and browse through the selection. This is a fun way to make your message a lot more personalized. Give it a try.

  • Sending & receiving money

Google Wallet is out and about. If you hit the dollar icon (see bottom of the message) you can send a certain sum to a receiver. You can also hit the Request button and ask someone to send you money in return. The thing that you should remember is that this only works if you own a Google Wallet account and you have all of your banking details included. Verify if the settings of your account has Send money using Gmail activated. The person receiving the transfer also has to have the same feature activated.

  • How to undo the send functionality

This is a pretty crucial feature for most of us. Head on to general tab (look for it under settings) and click on Enable Undo Send element. Then you will have to choose between 5 to 30 seconds of cancellation duration. So, now each time you send a message you should spot an Undo link right at the top. So, if you click on the link, the message will not be delivered and you can choose to rewrite it if you want or simply erase it.