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Facebook has made a serious impact on online marketing and industry experts believe that it is not going anywhere but is here to stay.

Recently, market reports indicate that Facebook is doing better than YouTube where video ads are concerned. Several factors are responsible for this upturn in fortune on the part of Facebook where online marketing through video ads is concerned. These factors are discussed below.

Facebook is the Preferred Choice in reaching larger audiences

Facebook Messenger Video Calling

Whenever a large company or organization wants to produce video ads that reach a much wider audience, they do not hesitate to use Facebook. This is also possible because the largest social media platform in the world four times more traction or traffic than all of its competitors. A large percentage of social referrals come from Facebook compared to what is obtainable through other sites such as YouTube and Pinterest.

Facebook’s understanding of Consumer Behavior

Facebook has a much deeper appreciation of the evolution that has taken place when it comes to communication among humans. This explains why Facebook employs social media wizards with the ability and expertise to make ads that are not only lively but also more efficient, attractive and relevant. The fact that more content creators upload 50 percent more videos on Facebook than they do on other sites speaks volumes.

Facebook’s Increased Popularity on Mobile

A survey conducted in May 2014 showed that consuming online content through mobile devices had overtaken desktop. In fact, tablets and Smartphone devices account for more than 60 percent of gadgets used in consuming online content. The majority of the individuals who access their social media accounts through a mobile focus on Facebook. Consequently, it is much easier to understand why Facebook has overtaken YouTube on video ads for online marketing.

Videos remain the fastest growing format for online advertising. In the next couple of years, the popularity and rise of videos in online advertising will increase by as much as 29 percent per year. Facebook has introduced new features through which online marketers can identify demographic and psychography information from their targeted audience. Incorporation of ads onto the feed on Facebook ensures that users can view or watch whatever they want.

WhatsApp ID, Facebook

A recent study indicates that most advertisers, about 87 percent of them would prefer running their respective video ads on Facebook. On the other hand, about 81.5 percent of the same advertisers would have no problem running their video ads through YouTube. The gap might appear small, but in the world of online marketing, the figure translates to millions of users, which could be the difference between success and failure.

For that reason, a close examination of the available data indicates that Facebook is doing much better than YouTube concerning video ads for online marketing. By the end of 2015, estimates indicate that the money spent on ads will be close to $531 billion, and Facebook will play a huge role in terms of being the preferred platform for online marketers to post their video ads. In addition to this, the global acceptability that Facebook already enjoys will help greatly.

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