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Clash of Clans is one of the games that you will not understand/learn after a few minutes of playing. Depending on the village you’re about to attack, you will need to use a new strategy, because there are different ways to defend your village.

However, today we’re going to reveal you a pretty nice combo that you can use to destroy villages with ease.

Balloons and Minions                       

Balloons and Minions are usually used for farming trophies. Keep in mind that it is pretty hard to get a powerful setup, but by using this strategy, you will get around 2600 trophies with ease.


In case you’ve used the balloon strategy in the past, then you should know that this setup is taking less time to train, as you’re going to use dark brackets also. The training time for minions is about 45 seconds, so this will speed up the process. They cost 8 dark elixir, which is pretty cheap, but after all, it’s still dark elixir and not the usual elixir.

Setup Information

Using the Balloons and Minions strategy, you will be able to perform heavy attacks very often. The mix of heavy damage along with how fast your troops are moving will help you a lot in high trophy leagues. The balloons have a movement speed of only 10, but the minions come with a movement speed of 32! However, keep in mind that the Minions come with a very low HP, which means that they are going to die very fast.

Attacking Strategy

First of all, you should know that by using this combo, the worst enemies are the air defensive buildings. So, those are the defending buildings that you should take out as soon as possible. With other words, you will not have to worry about canons or mortars.


You should try picking villages that can be taken out fast and easy. Keep in mind that the shaman towers can be quite difficult, as they will most likely kill the minions very fast. You should also consider using spells if you really need to go along with healing spells.

Try sending about 30 balloons and 50 minions and see how that goes. Depending on how well it goes for you, you can decrease or increase the number of the troops for the future raids.