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Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD) is a product from Google that falls into the category of free remote programs for desktops.

As one of the leading apps of 2015, CRD needs pairing with the Chrome web browser to work and achieve the desired results. Two ways by which you can use CRD are via VNC and TeamViewer.

However, the installation of Chrome means that you are free to access your desktop remotely with only a browser extension.


Before using Chrome Remote Desktop, ensure that you have either OS X or Windows. If you have Linux OS, this app would still be possible to use for accessing your desktop remotely. You only need the browser extension if you already have the Operating above Systems. After obtaining the appropriate extension, you need to install it. The installation should take place in the following destinations:

  1. the computer you intend to use remotely
  2. the machines from which you intend to use dial in

It is advisable to begin the installation with the machine that you desire to control remotely. It is worth remembering that the extension is around 22.6MB. However, the extension’s large size does not make it difficult to install, as this occurs in the shortest time possible. After installing the extension, the next step involves clicking the New Tab and accessing Chrome Remote Desktop from the list of apps that appears.

You need to take a few steps after installing Chrome Remote Desktop for the first time. Granting the app permission to access the computer is one of the foremost acts you must perform after installing it. Do not proceed with these steps unless you are operating from your Google account, which you already signed into earlier. Follow this with a click on Continue before finishing off by clicking Allow Access.

It is worth mentioning that the Chrome Remote Desktop app is usable in Android devices to which you can install it through Google Play Store. If your machine or device uses iOS, obtain and install the app through iTunes. With this app, you can perform a number of tasks remotely. Some of the tasks you can perform remotely with one of the world’s trendiest apps of 2015 include the following:

  • viewing emails
  • viewing the computers listed on the app
  • viewing and sending chat messages
  • knowing your identity on Google
  • performing the aforementioned tasks even when not using this app


With this trendiest app, you can provide a friend or workmate with remote assistance. The app also enables you to acquire control of any of your computers remotely. It would be impossible to use this app if you do not enable remote connections on the computer on which you intend to use it. A PIN is necessary to provide your computer with the protection it needs. The PIN should have a length of at least six digits.

Therefore, do not hesitate to install and use Chrome Remote Desktop, which is one of the trendiest apps of 2015 to access your computer regardless of destination or distance. With this app, you can continue doing your work and keep in touch with what is happening at work at all times. The app improves productivity and ensures that work continues at all times uninterruptedly.