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Plenty of feedback has emerged regarding the latest product from AVG – the AVG Business Edition.

This antivirus offers users the chance to enjoy a few extra products such as the following:

  • Identity Protection
  • Email Scanner
  • Surf-Shield

The Remote Admin is a product worth using especially in corporate IT environments. The fact that the new product allows users the option of choosing the Do Not Track feature has also increased its popularity. After installing the antivirus, the user can or cannot reboot, depending on his preference. This is an added attraction considering that several antivirus programs do not offer users the luxury of choosing whether to reboot or not.


It is worth mentioning that the installer is not more than 35.8MB, which makes it not only lighter but also snappier. The lightness and snappiness of the installer are because of the redesigning that has occurred concerning the previous versions of AVG Business Edition. The user interface is not only clean but also comes with a colorfully tiled appearance. Moreover, the interface is also approachable and modern.

AVG Business Edition is specifically for corporate environments. The evidence for this is the omission of extra features such as speed tests and mobile protection. The antivirus program is usable as a standalone performer to get offer protection against malware and viruses. The program has no difficulty stopping viruses before they show up in the machine. The program allows users to save time by focusing on the core operations of their businesses.

The employees working for the business will never have a reason for expressing or displaying fear anytime they are online when the corporate installs AVG Business Edition. The program makes it possible for employees to engaging in surfing, searching and downloading whatever they want with as much confidence as they can conjure. Hackers will have no way of accessing sensitive customer information from any of an organization’s systems.

Some of the new features that you will find with the AVG Business Edition antivirus include the following:

  • AVG Self Defense
  • AVG Wi-Fi Guard

With this program, businesses can provide their file servers, laptops and PCs with adequate protection by ensuring that unwanted parties cannot access critical business as well as customer data. The program can provide adequate protection for up to 200 computers. Users are free to buy a program with the 1-Year license. Users who desire to invest in AVG Business Edition with 2-Year or 3-Year license should also feel free to do just that.

The components that come with AVG Business Edition include:

  • AVG Enhanced Firewall
  • AVG Antivirus
  • AVG Anti-Spyware
  • AVG Anti-Rootkit


Moreover, with this program, the business never has to shut down because of threats as well as attacks posed by viruses and malware. With the Smart Scanner, Silent Mode and Turbo Scan, the program allows the business to continue running without personnel wasting time working on identification and removal of malware as well as viruses. For these reasons and more, do not hesitate to invest in AVG Business Edition today.

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