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WhatsApp’s free download, popularly known for its instant messaging and voice calling services, rolled out a Web version earlier this year.

This version, known as WhatsApp Web, is meant for use on devices other than mobile phones, including PCs and tablets.

WhatsApp Web Client

Initially, this messenger was only available on mobile phones. However, after users kept demanding a PC version be rolled out, the company instead rolled out a Web version. When WhatsApp introduced the PC version, it was only available on one platform – Google Chrome. What this meant was that for any person to use WhatsApp Web on PCs, they had to first install Google Chrome. This did not, however, last long as support for more browsers was introduced, but only for those using Firefox and Opera.

WhatsApp Web will be compatible with Microsoft Edge browser

Despite the additional support for Firefox and Opera web browsers, those using other browsers such as Internet Explorer have yet to taste this application on their devices. This was at some point associated with the fact that the company was working on a new web browser known as Microsoft Edge, which was launched with Windows 10.

The company has now made it clear that it will be working towards introducing support for the Edge browser in Windows 10. When this update will be available is not clear yet, but as expected, it won’t be long before this update comes to life. According to a Windows Insider, Microsoft will only provide this update to those using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

There is still no word on whether this update will be available to those still using Internet Explorer, which leaves them with the option of using Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Edge vs Chrome vs Firefox

WhatsApp Web for Microsoft Edge is not yet official; however, the company behind it claims that this feature will be available as part of an OS update. The company has also predicted that this platform will be the most secure of all Windows operating systems. This is good news for the millions of people who use it on a daily basis for personal and business purposes.

Even though it is unclear when this feature will be released, what is clear is that with WhatsApp available via the Edge browser, making calls and sending messages will now be much easier than before.