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WhatsApp is used by every smartphone owner for messaging and voice calling purposes.

However, the millions of people who use this app have, on many occasions, complained about the issue of the app lacking a backup option for all of their messages and calls.

This is no longer the case as the latest beta version of WhatsApp available for free download comes with an option to create backups of chats and calls on Google Drive. This feature has been in development for a long time , and in fact, it has appeared on several beta versions prior to the latest v2.12.235 APK.

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However, on each of the previous occasions, it was removed by the app developers.

More storage space for media

This move by WhatsApp, to introduce a Google Drive backup option for messages and calls, means to that users will now have more storage space on their SD cards and phones. At the moment, the stable version of this application only allows for chats and calls to be backed up on the SD card. But with the new functionality, users will be able to create backups and restore chat history using Google Drive.

Just like the current backup option which automatically creates a backup on a daily basis, the new Google Drive backup option for WhatsApp chats can also be scheduled to create backups on a daily basis. You can also choose to schedule the backups to take place on a weekly or monthly basis or opt to backup manually.

Easier and safer to switch between Android phones

According to WhatsApp, the new ability to save message and call history on Google Drive will make the process of switching between phones much easier and safer. This is especially useful when you lose your phone. Chats can be easilt restored from any device that is logged into Google Drive with your account details.

How to save WhatsApp chat history on Google Drive

Creating a backup of WhatsApp messages on Google Drive is a very easy process. All you need to do is to go to the settings option of your installed WhatsApp and choose “Chats and Call>Chat Backup” and once this feature is enabled, you will be asked to log in to your Google account. You can then choose to allow WhatsApp to use Google Drive storage for backing up your chat history.

Minimum Requirements

At the moment, the Google Drive functionality is not available on all versions of WhatsApp. In addition, there are reports coming from various websites pointing out that only Android 5.x Lollipop users can make use of this feature.

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Nonetheless, the developers of the application specify that you  need to at least have a Google account that is activated on the device in use. In addition, the latest version of Google Play Services needs to be installed on the Android phone and users must also have enough storage space on their Google Drive. Once these are setup, you must remove the currently installed WhatsApp and install the latest beta version 2.12.235 in order to get this update.

The update will be rolling out slowly as the developers of the app iron out any bugs and errors. This is probably why the feature is available to some users while others don’t have it yet.