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Knowing that there is a backup element available for your calls and chats, will definitely make your WhatsApp experience even smoother. If you’ve been praying for such an option to be included, you’re in luck because the beta variant now has the Google Drive backup option.

This new option creates a backup and then restores your chat archives as well as the media content right in the Google Drive. You can also plan how this backup process works, whether it should be on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. But you can also back up the content by hand if you wish.


This new functionality was finally included and according to WhatsApp if “you lose your phone or switch to another Android phone, your chats are safe. We recommend connecting your phone to Wi-Fi prior to backing up your chats via Google Drive, as backup files may vary in size and may consume mobile data, causing additional charges”, the company WhatsApp concluded.

Now, here is what you have to do if you want to back up your info on Google Drive. Go to your device’s Settings and click on Chats and Call and then opt for Chat Backup. When the new option has been activated, you will be prompted to add in your login info so that you can access your Google account. This means you will grant WhatsApp permission to access the Drive storage.

Users will only need a Google account in order to make this feature work as well as the Google Play services; and of course enough space so that you can save your entire chat history and media on the Google Drive.

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Android Police, claims that Google Drive Backup can be found in the 2.12.231 variant of WhatsApp. Because the developers at WhatsApp are not rushing to release this feature just yet, due to some further existing bugs and errors, users will have to be patient until this new addition will completely and officially roll out.