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Don’t we all have a guilty pleasure for the SIMS franchise? Anyone with a computer has at least tried it once and got caught up in it. Personally, I loved building my character’s house, I got lost in the interior design for days and days. But playing with my Sim was extremely fun too, so that’s why the new pack coming to the SIMS 4 is bringing me a lot of joy and a new desire to play again.

The ‘Get Together’ DLC was announced during Gamescom and it is an expansion which brings a diversity of new features to the game. The release date for this DLC is officially set by the company in November, so the waiting time is not that long.

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But enough with the jibber-jabber. Let’s see what this new update to the game will bring up for passionate players.

On the game’s official website, we’re met with a description of the features the new expansion pack is bringing: a whole new world named Windenburg which is supposed to be inspired by Europe. What this means is that we’re going to see some different architecture designs than the ones SIMS has used us to. The world will be a surprise to the fans, the company is sure, showing off the rural and urban side of the usual European setting.

While the new world sounds quite exciting, the ‘Get Together’ DLC brings a few more features to the game such as lettings Sims go to clubs and even buy one for themselves. The pack brings new activities to the players such as football and swimming (we were used to pools, but now the Sims can swim in rivers).

These are the guaranteed features to come with the DLC, but there are also rumours about new dancing moves being added (when you add a nightclub free-pass, you might as well bring out a dance move or two) and DJ-ing skills.

The Sims 4 to be Released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

All we can do now is wait for the update to come out in November and ignore the world for a few days as we discover each new thing added to the game with the ‘Get Together’ DLC.