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Famous company Microsoft has released a new operating system that is making everyone interested in technology extremely excited. Windows 10 has been rumored to be released for quite a while, so when the company officially announced its release, fans were both curious and impatient to see what the new OS has to offer.

Windows 10 brings a few changes to the game, and is actually changing the market’s view of what a cutting-edge operating system should be. The OS is rumored to be featured in two brand-new smartphones from Microsoft, although the company hasn’t actually made any comment on this assumption. Nevertheless, let’s check out the specifications of the two devices that will soon hit the market.

Lumia 950

The first device we’ll take a look at is the Lumia 950, which is expected to have a beautiful matte polycarbonate cover (the color scheme will be pretty basic, with a choice of either black or white). The WQHD display on this phone will feature a quite large 5.5 inches OLED display, which will supposedly come with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels.


The Lumia 950’s processor will be a 64-bit Hexa core, most likely the Snapdragon 808. The phone is going to have an acceptable memory size of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (the device also allows the use of a microSD card, allowing for expansion). The battery is an impressive 3000 mAh, which will most definitely be removable.

As for camera specs, the principal camera is a PureView which has 20MP, making the phone quite a catch. The front camera is not too shabby either, with the 5MP ensuring good quality photos. One other feature, and a rarity for a secondary camera, is the wide-angle spec the Lumia 950 will possess.

Other interesting features of the Lumia 950 are the Iris scanner for Windows Hello and the option of charging your phone with the Qi wireless charge setting.

Lumia 950 XL

The Lumia 950 XL will have the same cover as its ‘sibling’, which is a matte polycarbonate body in white/black color choices. One of the different features this phone has is the larger WQHD display (7 inches), which is still OLED with a 1440×2560 pixels resolution.
The processor available on this device will be a slightly better Snapdragon 810, which is a 64-bit Octa core. As for memory, we’re facing the same specs as with the Lumia 950: 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (with a microSD slot available too).

The rear camera on the Lumia 950 XL is 20 MP with the PureView element, but the device also holds the triple LED flash feature, which is undoubtedly an amateur photographer’s best friend.


The phone will have the same Iris scanner for Windows Hello as the Lumia 950, but will come with some additional features such as aluminum buttons on the sides and a silver ring in the camera’s pod, which is only 1mm thick.

Even though Microsoft are keeping extremely quiet about these two devices and their release date, the phones are rumored to come out on the same day as the Windows 10 operating system in mobile form is released, and they will most likely be the first phones to run this OS.

As for an expected price for the Lumias, the market is expecting something over 500 dollars because the features are on the high-end side.

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