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Apple has recently introduced scheduled automatic overnight updates for iOS 9, the next version for its iPhone and iPad software. This means that iOS 9 users will now be able to update their iPhones and iPads while sleeping. So now there will be no more twiddling of thumbs while users wait for their devices to become functional again.

The tech giant uncovered the next version for its iPhone and iPad software iOS 9 during its coming WWDC opening keynote, and is expected to launch the new software along with new iPhones next month in September.

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The beta versions of the software have been released to developers as well as to those who are part of the public beta program. The beta testing is about to close very soon.

Basically, Apple wants to increase the rate of the already amazing iOS update to a much higher level, and that is why it has added a touch of OS X to iOS 9, with a new programmed option that will allow the devices to update themselves.

Earlier, when Apple announced iOS 9 initially, it highlighted some of its very essential new features that gave users a glimpse of what their iPhones and iPads will be able to provide in a couple of weeks. Features that got the most attention include enhanced multi-tasking and a new battery saving mode. There’s also another feature that has been announced quietly and remained unnoticed by many people, and this feature could possibly be the most important one.

This new feature is one that allows iPhones and iPads to update their system software overnight while users are sleeping. This means that now users don’t have to wait for the usually-lengthy and tiring process of updating the software during the daytime, when they need to use their devices.

With this new and exciting feature, iOS 9 users will be prompted (at some earlier time of the night) to allow the software to install updates overnight. These updates will usually be held between 3AM and 6AM. On the screen, selecting “Try Tonight” will automatically introduce the updates to be installed.

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Next, users will be prompted to enter their PIN and read the relevant license agreement thoroughly before they go to sleep. Later, the iPad or iPhone software will quietly do its thing, with a whole new updated device waiting for the user after they wake up. Hence, the update procedure is completely automatic. Users who have waited a long time for their iPhone or iPad to restart several times before they could use it will surely love this new feature.

The iOS devices of Apple already perform backups to iCloud during the nighttime. Mac PCs also perform housecleaning and backup tasks to Time Machine while users are sleeping. In the same way, the evolution of allowing iOS devices to update themselves is a pretty natural one, and thus we are looking forward to what else iOS 9 is going to offer. All we have to do is to wait until next month!