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Microsoft offers a web-based version of Skype that you can download on your Chromebook and start chatting with friends and family members straight-away.

For the time being there is no official video support provided to the users, however you can learn the steps of downloading Skype on Chromebook from various informative articles and blogs.

This new version of Skype works smoothly on browsers, and even on Chromebook too. This is a beta version, and therefore video and voice calling will not yet work in some browsers, including Chromebook. Efforts are being made towards developing this app, and this feature will be available in the future.Skype for Web Plugin Free

Text chats on Outlook

Skype is considered to be a voice calling and video calling app, but in reality, it is more than that. There are many people who use Skype for text messaging and Skype serves multiple functions. You can connect Skype to Outlook and send text messages to your contacts. However, this feature does not get the response it deserves. The chat feature of is just a web version of Skype.

Microsoft has launched Skype throughout the world for the web that enables user accessibility to Skype instant messaging on Chromebook. Previously, Microsoft blocked Chrome from accessing earlier versions of Skype, however this bandwidth has been withdrawn, and now Skype can be downloaded on Chromebook.

You must follow the below instructions properly to install Skype on Chromebook:

  • You must find out which processor your machine uses. Only then will you be able to download the correct files effectively. To find your processor type, click the menu button in the top right corner of your Chrome browser, and then click Settings > Chrome OS.
  • You need to download the necessary Skype files from the web
  • Unzip the files (if needed)
  • Install the files accordingly
  • After the installation is over, run Skype, but remember the first time you run the app it may take a few minutes to load, so be patient.
  • You can log in using Skype credentials by using a Windows account or you can login through Facebook.

Chatting on Skype on Chromebook

Skype for web functions run on any device such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. This new version offers the same interface, where you can start a chat with your contacts and send instant messages. Recent messages and conversations sync with almost all devices. Besides this, Skype for the web offers browser-based notifications where you will be notified of new messages on your Chromebook.

Skype Group Video Calling

The earlier versions of Skype worked only on However, Skype for the web is the real deal for Chrome users, where you will get thousands of chat programs, as well as other features and facilities. Insider reports state that the tech giant will soon be able to bring out more features to support users with enhanced benefits. Skype for the web offers support plug-in for voice, and video calling for Windows and Mac users.

In the same way, Skype offers voice calls on However, Chrome cannot install older plug-ins of Skype, and this is the reason cannot install Java Plug-in on Chromebook. Efforts are given to solve this problem, and it is hoped that voice and video calls will soon support on Chromebook at some point in future.

Till then, you can use Skype instant messaging on your Chromebook and pull out your phone when it requires voice or video chat. You can also use Google’s Android runtime to run Skype on your Android Chromebook, and have voice and video calls free of charge.