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Facebook has revamped its messenger service and added many new features to it.

It is hoped that the messenger will soon replace not just text messaging but also voice calling. People now make up around 10 percent of voice over IP calls and the reason behind this is that mobile VoIP provides higher audio quality than traditional phone calls.

Considering the growing popularity of Facebook messenger, it is hoped that it will soon become a legitimate competitor to popular messaging apps like Skype and Viber. This instant messaging app is a popular network of communication equipped with a complete set of apps.

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Initially, this messaging service was available only in South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, and India. However, now, this app is being used in almost every part of the globe. Many people have shown a preference for instant text messaging over email and Facebook hopes that these people will get more elaborate options from this messaging app rather than just a simple text messaging service.

According to a recent survey, some surprising facts have come up for people regarding the features and use of Facebook Messenger throughout the world. Let’s have a look at them:

  • People in Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia mostly prefer to use Facebook for discovering any breaking news, products, games, brands, entertainment and services.
  • Out of three people in Singapore reported that they use Facebook social media as a place to discover new content or news.
  • Facebook and its messaging app often replace other means of communication such as phone calls, email and text messages.
  • In Thailand, more dramatic numbers have been noticed. About 82 percent of respondents said that they emailed less, 70 percent of people reported less phone use and 91 percent people admitted sending fewer text messages due to communication over Facebook and Messenger

In the current scenario, people say that they talk with close friends via Facebook rather than by phone or email.

Features of Facebook Messenger

  • Take picture or video instantly with Facebook’s built-in camera

Taking pictures with a camera is not that exciting a feature. However, Facebook has made a slight change in this feature of their Messenger app. You can either use the rear camera or front camera or tap the button to take a picture and can send it instantly to your friend or family member. You can also hold the button to take a video without leaving the app. This is an exciting feature of Facebook instant messaging app. This feature works in chat heads as well.


  • Image search and share picture from the web

Finding pictures from the web and sharing them over the phone is quite a painful task. It is not impossible, but to do it, you need to jump between two or three different apps. In Facebook Messenger, you can search for images easily from the drop down menu. You just need to enter your search item and you will get a list of results. Select anyone in your list to send it to your recipient.

  • Location feature to show where you are

Location sharing may not be a priority for most people, but this app proves very helpful in various situations such as when you are trying to meet up with friends. Temporarily sharing your location can help them to find you or you can also easily find them. You can allow tracking of your location for a particular message and it will be tagged with your location automatically. The other person you are talking over the phone with will be able to see your location by tapping into ‘view map’ on the menu.

For all these features, the popularity of Facebook Messenger is increasing by leaps and bounds, and it will soon replace emails, text and phone calls.